I am a product designer in a constant search for new perspectives through research and exploration, currently experimenting with a wide range of materials and techniques in order to further develop my creativity.


Inspired by geometrical shapes and ratios, with simple lines and a clean composition, I am always looking for ways to experiment with the objects I’m creating, through different contrasts, by color or by associating various materials with different properties. In my design approach I am interested in exploring craft, this being part of my signature.


All of the designs have been made personally in a small workshop equipped with woodworking and metalworking machines. Looking back at my work, I have recently realised that over the years I have developed a way of thinking objects, where all the elements compounding one, are being put together through mechanical systems of fixation or various jointing.


If you want to work with me or just chat, drop me a line at hello@raduabraham.com.


If you want to check out my resumé, here it is.