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  • Braderie de l’Art

    Really nice things are happening each year in Roubaix. One of them it’s Braderie de l’Art and this year I got the chance to be part of it, teamed-up with a craftsman that was part of the Contrasts project, made previously this year. Bellow is part of the result. A series of spacey looking lamps,…

  • Making of seating volumes w. Deltacraft

    Weekend project in the Danube Delta. Together with @deltacraftro we developed a collaboration with the craftsmen from Letea in order to build a series of seating objects made out of reed. A really pleasant, hands-on projects, made in one day and materialized into the volumes seen above. The idea behind the final objects, is that each can…

  • MeČ™tesug in contemporan/Contemporary crafts

    Photo from a collaboration with Mr. Bojodi and Zain, are a series of hanging lamps. They are made out of knitted twigs, with a metal structure and contrasted with a subtle touch of colour given by the green outline of the glass. Really nice experience and most likely will be further developed. Here you can…

  • Contrasts w. MBQ

    Find bellow some pictures from the making of process of the project made together with MBQ and coppersmiths from Roma community. Made out of wood, with copper and brass, the result was a series of vases and trays. Some more description soon.

  • Stand up

    A project made few years back, for a object to used as a display at fairs. Totally detachable and optimized to fit in a small car, the project is made from a metal frame, with an oak counter top, and a light installation on top.

  • Hello light

    Hello light is a series of light objects made out of metal, with straight lines, clean composition and a touch of glass. Find some photos below

  • Walking cane

    The very first of the objects I’ve made, this walking cane was a project made for University, where I first got to actually build an idea that I had. It’s made out of two boards of wood, glued together with their fiber on different direction, then cut into shape and hand modeled until the final…